Want to align your sales and marketing teams to maximize revenue?

Sales & Marketing Alignment

Sales & marketing alignment with Salesonomics

Are You Tired of Having Your Sales- and Marketing Teams Working in Silos?

Companies with a well integrated sales- and marketing function get 38% more deals and reach 208% more revenue than other organizations.

We help you align your sales and marketing efforts with a hyper focus on activities that contribute to revenue growth.

It’s Time to Flip the Funnel

How We Align Your Sales- and Marketing efforts

You can’t work in the same way that you have always done. New times call for new activities in order to get new results.

The Old Way
The traditional and old way of looking at the sales and marketing funnel begins with attracting all potential clients. They are followed by waking interest in the other party to begin exploring what you offer. They will then get so interested that they begin to desire the solution that you offer. At last, they realize that they want what you have and act – meaning that they buy what you offer.

The New Way
The modern sales- and marketing funnel is way more focused. Instead of pushing your message to the broad masses of potential buyers, you begin by identifying what potential clients you can deliver the most value to. An easy way to do this is to assess your current clients. When you have identified your best clients, the next step is to expand your view with an ideal customer profile. After this, you need to engage the buying committee within these potential clients and help them solve their problems. Your final step in the process is to delight your clients and make them represent and recommend you to other potential clients.

Clients Using Sales & Marketing Alignment