How you create deals in the digital sales meeting


3 hours of training on 3 occasions with concrete tasks to complete in between the occasions.

Part 1:

  • Crucial differences between the digital and physical sales meeting
  • Important ground rules to maximize results in the digital sales meeting
  • Preparations for a digital sales meeting
  • How you initiate the meeting with credibility and build trust by sparking an interest
  • Purpose of the meeting and an agenda statement that creates value for your potential client
  • How you effectively handle the client’s perception to create common ground in the meeting

Part 2:

  • Insight driven questioning in 4 steps to find out the most important areas that will make your potential client buy from you.
  • How you ensure consensus around the customers need before you present your solution
  • A powerful structure in 3 steps to present your solution in a way that makes it easy for the potential client to understand the benefits of your solution and the effects this will lead to in practice.

Part 3:

  • An effective method in 5 steps to handle the potential clients doubts and get them to dare decide faster.
  • Alternative closing techniques that make it easier for the client to say yes.
  • How you ensure a good buying experience after the client have said yes.
  • How you use your current clients to create new clients through referral based sales.

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