Thought Leadership on LinkedIn

Elevate Your LinkedIn Presence with Our Thought Leadership Training Program

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Thought Leadership on LinkedIn

Elevate your LinkedIn presence with our “Get Started Package for LinkedIn” – your key to boosting leads, strengthening your brand, and driving revenue like never before!

What is the "get started" package?

Strategy and Content Development: Our expert team collaborates closely with you to create a customized strategy aligned with your business goals. We identify both current customers you want to target and new customers you aim to attract. Crafting a tailored whitepaper positions you as industry experts, attracting potential customers, and sparking interest from your target audience.

Standout Quality Content: We understand the importance of meaningful and engaging content on LinkedIn. Our whitepaper, designed to establish your expertise, seamlessly transforms into blog posts for your website or articles on LinkedIn. The content sparks discussions that lead to qualified leads.

Practical Employee Training for LinkedIn Success: Empower your team with hands-on training to unleash the power of personal connections on LinkedIn. Our program focuses on practical skills, guiding employees to effectively use LinkedIn. Through interactive sessions, they will learn to identify and engage with current and potential customers, establishing themselves as compelling and valuable individuals to follow on the platform.

Measurable Results: We closely track the performance of your content and employee engagement, adjusting our strategy to ensure you get maximum returns on your investment. Clear reports and analyses are delivered so you can see how every penny you invest generates results.

Why Choose our "Get Started Package for LinkedIn"?

  • Increase the visibility and credibility of your company.
  • Attract qualified leads and boost revenue.
  • Create and distribute high-quality content that stands out.
  • Train your employees with practical skills for LinkedIn success.
  • Measurable results that drive business success.

What the package includes

  • Whitepaper about the expert topic
  • 16 LinkedIn posts
  • 4 blog posts
  • 4 case studies
  • LinkedIn Workshop – 3 hours (Start-Up Workshop to set the foundation)
  • Ongoing Weekly Follow-up (Continuous Training – 16 weeks) – 1 hour each

Your investment:

229,000 SEK

During the training for the employees, we delve into the six keys to succeed with LinkedIn. Take your LinkedIn game to the next level and see how our “Get Started Package for LinkedIn” can help you achieve your revenue goals. 

Contact us today to discuss how we can tailor a solution to meet your specific needs!