Revenue Mastery Program

Train your employees to optimize your B2B revenue engine.

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Revenue Mastery Program

Welcome to our comprehensive Revenue Mastery Program – a transformative journey crafted to empower every role within your company involved in generating revenue. 

This program unfolds over 10 impactful sessions, each strategically aligned with our customer development process, ensuring a seamless integration of skills and insights at every step.

The Revenue generation Process

Graphics of the revenue process

Session 1: Setting Goals, Prospecting, and Identifying Opportunities

  • Define personal and team expectations and set individual goals.
  • Identify what makes each individual unique and learn effective personal brand-building.
  • Strategically identify outcome projects at different levels.

Session 2: Engaging Effectively

  • Learn techniques to identify all relevant decision-makers.
  • Excel in communication via phone, email, and social channels.
  • Develop skills to handle objections, sustain high activity levels, and explore success examples.

Session 3: Becoming a Thought Leader

  • Understand the importance of becoming a thought leader in your industry.
  • Strategies to establish yourself as a thought leader and influence your market.

Session 4: Understanding Emotional Intelligence to Drive Revenue

  • Explore the impact of emotional intelligence on driving revenue.
  • Practical techniques to incorporate emotional intelligence into customer development strategies.

Session 5: Identifying Business Opportunities and Creating Interest

  • Techniques to identify and seize business opportunities.
  • Learn strategies to keep your audience engaged.

Session 6: Problem-Solving Proficiency

  • Craft a persuasive solution presentation.
  • Develop an effective structure for objection handling.

Session 7: Confirmation and Delivery Excellence

  • Learn strategies to secure commitment and outline the next steps.
  • Align expectations and deliver that extra touch.

Session 8: Follow-Up, Referrals, and Ambassador Recognition

  • Develop strategies for impactful follow-ups.
  • Learn techniques to leverage existing clients for new referrals.

Session 9: Celebrating Success, Setting Future Goals, and Future Planning

  • Reflect on successes and milestones achieved during the program.
  • Outline future goals and areas for continuous improvement.
  • Develop a roadmap for ongoing success and growth.

Session 10: Certification and Culmination

  • Conclude the program with a joint diploma ceremony.
  • Demonstrate outcome projects and the entire customer development process with structures and techniques.
  • Practice and master the art of providing constructive feedback

Your investment:

300,000 SEK for up to 30 Participants (Physical)

360,000 SEK for up to 30 Participants (Hybrid: 4 Digital Sessions and 4 Physical Sessions)

Elevate your revenue mastery, emotional intelligence, and revenue growth proficiency. Join us on this transformative journey towards mastery.