LinkedIn Sales Navigator Certified Training

Revenue teams leveraging LinkedIn for prospecting attract 45% more business opportunities


LinkedIn Sales Navigator 

Online or in real life

From 40 000 SEK per company

Participants :
Max 10

English or French

To earn our LinkedIn Sales Navigator Training certificate, complete sessions 1 and 2 with a minimum 80% score on the final assessment

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What would it mean for your revenue team if they could create more deals with LinkedIn SALES NAVIGATOR?

We have created the first and unique certified sales navigator training to help revenue teams outperform their competitors with LinkedIn.

Welcome to our LinkedIn Sales Navigator Certified Program!

Through two focused sessions, we will optimize your LinkedIn profile, refine your prospecting strategies on Sales Navigator, and leverage automation tools for efficient outreach.

You will gain a professional profile, learn advanced targeting techniques on Sales Navigator, and craft impactful messages, ensuring improved conversion rates and time-saving automation in your prospecting process.           

Plus, you will receive ongoing monthly support check-ins over two months.

Let’s unlock the full potential of your prospection on LinkedIn Sales Navigator together!

Why this program?

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For who?

This program is primarily for: Revenue teams or individuals that generate revenue

We welcome: Salespeople, CEO’s, Ex-CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, Marketing team, Consultants, any person using LinkedIn Sales Navigator to find prospects and increase revenue with that channel. 

If you are seeking a job in sales our certified training is also for you! More and more employers are searching for salespeople with skills in social selling.

We only deliver this program for companies and individuals that believe in the power of LinkedIn Sales Navigator to create new business opportunities and want to invest time and resources on that channel!

TRAINING content

Build a linkedin profile that stands out!

Duration: 2h 30m


1. Mastering the LinkedIn Algorithm:
Learn how to make your profile more visible to potential prospects by understanding and leveraging LinkedIn’s algorithm. 


2. Optimizing Your Social Selling Index (SSI):
Discover how to measure and enhance your LinkedIn selling efforts with actionable tips to improve your SSI score. 


3. Crafting an Impactful Headline and Banner:
Transform your profile’s first impression with a powerful headline and banner that succinctly convey your unique value and results. 


4. Writing a Compelling Summary:
Get access to our summary template and learn how to effectively communicate what you sell, your unique approach, and your personal story. 


5. Building a Trust-Inducing Experience Section:
Use our template to create an Experience section that showcases your company’s achievements and establishes your expertise. 


6. Keyword Optimization:
Learn to use the right keywords to improve your profile’s visibility on LinkedIn and Google, enhancing your chances of being found by the right prospects. 


7. Profile Improvement Techniques:
Avoid common mistakes and learn 20 key strategies to make your profile more attractive and effective. 


8. Engaging with Industry-Specific LinkedIn Groups:
Discover how to select and join relevant groups to boost your profile and uncover business opportunities. 


Duration: 2h 30m


1. Developing Your LinkedIn Sales Strategy:
Define your goals and strategies for LinkedIn prospecting with 8 key questions.

2. Identifying Your Ideal Buyer Persona:
Learn our method to pinpoint your most valuable clients for LinkedIn Sales Campaigns.

3. Maximizing Sales Navigator:
Uncover the full potential of Sales Navigator to target and connect with ideal leads using advanced search techniques.

4. Efficient Lead Management on Sales Navigator:
Implement our bullet-proof system to track interactions and follow-ups with leads through Sales Navigator.

5. Crafting Impactful Messages:
Access our proven message templates to personalize your outreach and significantly increase response rates.

6. Gaining Customer Insights from Sales Navigator:
Utilize LinkedIn Sales Navigator as a rich source of customer intelligence to tailor your approach and create compelling icebreakers.

7. Engaging with Prospects on Sales Navigator:
Learn the art of conversation on LinkedIn Sales Navigator, from asking the right questions to maintaining a human touch to book more meetings.

8. Automating Your LinkedIn Processes:
Discover efficient tools for sending personalized connection requests and messages, saving time, and enhancing your sales campaign.

9. Seamless CRM Integration:
Explore a tool that allows one-click import of LinkedIn contact information into most CRM systems, streamlining your workflow.

10. Tracking Your Campaign Success:
Learn to monitor key performance indicators for your LinkedIn prospecting efforts to continuously improve your results.

Your expert Sales Navigator trainer

Florian Bourguignon

from Salesonomics

Coached over 2000 people in 30 different industries across Europe

7 years of experience in LinkedIn prospecting training and thought leadership

Full of energy, concrete examples, and French vibes

B2B complex sales and marketing / community management expert

FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

In 2024, LinkedIn has more than 1 billion members. LinkedIn stands out as a game-changer for B2B outreach, offering unparalleled advantages to skyrocket your sales. Did you know that revenue teams leveraging LinkedIn for prospecting attract 45% more business opportunities? 

By leveraging content sharing and engagement features, you’ll cement your authority in the industry, while data-driven insights and advanced tools like Sales Navigator turbocharge your sales efforts. Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to revolutionize your B2B sales strategy

In this program, you can expect to learn concrete strategies and techniques to leverage LinkedIn effectively for sales. Specifically, you will learn how to:

  1. Master the LinkedIn algorithm and optimize your Social Selling Index (SSI)
  2. Craft impactful headlines, summaries, and experience sections, and employ keyword optimization techniques
  3. Streamline the sales process on LinkedIn by maximizing Sales Navigator
  4. Define buyer personas, craft impactful messages, and engage with prospects effectively on LinkedIn Sales Navigator

These concrete skills and strategies will equip you with the tools necessary to excel in leveraging LinkedIn as a powerful platform for sales.

Are you interested in following our program? Super! Fill in your information under “APPLY NOW” and we will get back to you within 48 hours (business days) to book a 30 minutes meeting to get to know each other and understand your expectations with LinkedIn. 

The program’s investment starts at 40,000 SEK per company. The price varies depending on the size of your revenue team attending our program. We train one company at a time. 

Our clients experience an average turnover increase of 35% in the first year. We have already trained 120 companies across 30 different industries to leverage LinkedIn Sales Navigator for booking qualified meetings with key B2B decision-makers. Our entire pedagogy is designed to equip you with the tools and habits necessary for autonomous prospecting on LinkedIn Sales Navigator. All our sessions are recorded and become your property for internal revenue training. We are the only organization in Sweden offering a LinkedIn training that includes an in-depth exploration of Sales Navigator! 

Yes, it’s a must have! We will deep-dive into Sales Navigator (the premium version of LinkedIn). 

This training is certified by Salesonomics. To receive your certificate of completion, you must correctly answer at least 80% of the questions on the final test at the end of the training and attend session 1 and 2.

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Linkedin Sales Navigator 

Online or in real life

From 40 000 SEK per company

Participants :
Max 10

English or French

To earn our LinkedIn Sales Navigator Training certificate, complete sessions 1 and 2 with a minimum 80% score on the final assessment