1. Plug-and-Play Onboarding Program

Seamless Learning, Proactive Follow-ups

For those seeking a streamlined solution, our Plug-and-Play Onboarding Program is your pathway to success at a fixed rate of 15,000 SEK per employee. This all-inclusive package provides a curated blend of education and practical exercises delivered weekly. Simultaneously, managers receive specific topics for structured 1-1 discussions with you. It’s an efficient, ready-to-implement solution that accelerates your journey from onboarding confusion to role-specific proficiency.

2. Customized Hybrid Micro Learning

Design Your Own Journey, Hybrid Excellence

Are you looking to design your role-specific onboarding process? Our Customized Hybrid Micro Learning option is tailored to your unique needs. We assist you in crafting a comprehensive onboarding experience, blending micro learning through both a digital learning platform and physical training sessions. Additionally, we offer support in setting up every aspect and can even film training videos in collaboration with you.

The price for this personalized option depends on factors such as your existing learning platform, in-house training material, in-house trainers, and the scope of video filming required.

Contact us for a detailed and personalized quote to propel your journey towards role-specific expertise.

Elevate Your Onboarding, Achieve Role-Specific Expertise

Choose Your Path to Expertise with Salesonomics

Whether you opt for the plug-and-play convenience at a fixed rate or the tailored customization of your onboarding journey with a personalized quote, Salesonomics is dedicated to guiding you from the initial stages of confusion to the peak of role-specific expertise and profitability.

Salesonomics – Role-Specific Expertise, Your Path to Profitability.

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