We are specialists at recruiting salespeople

We at Salesonomics are specialists in recruiting salespeople and have extensive experience in both sales and recruitment. We know precisely what is required for you to be able to recruit your company’s new stars.

For us, it is important to get to know you, your business, and the role to be recruited. We therefore work with carefully selected tools and questions that ensure matching – but also a high candidate and customer experience. Quality should be self-evident, not optional. Our goal is to create collaborations that develop and last over time with the help of sales training and onboarding that make your new employees want to stay with the company for a long time.

Also, take part in our guide to effective onboarding.

Sales recruitment is challenging and important

Recruiting salespeople can be difficult without the right skills or contacts. The best salespeople are usually already on assignments and it is not always easy to attract them to your company. But recruiting the very best is not the most important thing either – our recruitment process is based on a slightly different philosophy.

Of course, the right knowledge and experience are essential for a new employee to be a good match and get into work quickly. But we also need to focus on the parameters that may not always be as visible. Equally important, if not more important, are personal characteristics, values, culture, and incentive models. A salesperson who is your competitor’s big star may not necessarily be a good match for your company.

Finding candidates who also meet all these requirements is difficult – and this is where we come into the picture. When we help you with sales recruitment, we need to understand you and get an insight into your reality, in order to also be able to find new salespeople who check off all the important criteria.

How we think about recruiting

Your business – organization, and culture
Just because a person has succeeded in one organization does not mean the person will be successful in your company. That’s why it’s essential to understand your organization and culture.

The team – leadership and colleagues
People thrive in teams where they feel comfortable and with leadership that suits them. Therefore it’s essential to understand your leadership and colleagues in close proximity to the person you want to recruit.

The candidate – competence and characteristics
Finally, we look into what type of person you are looking for. We take both formal competence and personal characteristics in mind and help you define what person we are going to look for.

The Recruiting Process

1. Scorecard Meeting

You get to introduce yourself, your areas of responsibilities, and the division of your business where the new employee will work. To get a more rich/full experience of what it’s like to work at your company, a couple of your colleagues will also tell us more about your business and culture.

2. Identify & Attract

We collaborate on building a strategy for how to best reach the candidates that will suit your needs. This is also where the job ad is published, where the initial candidate search begins and where the timeline is set.

3. First Call

A phone call where the candidates experience and background is validated. We follow a template to ask the right questions and quickly identify any red flags. Candidates who pass this round have a relevant background, knowledge and competence for the position.

4. Personality Test

The candidate is asked to complete a personality test. Tests like these never give us any absolute truths. They are only suited to give us as much information as possible about the person we are talking to. The results are used to ask better questions, to identify inconsistencies, and to provide additional value in the onboarding process.

5. Digital Interview

This is where we really get to know the candidate using a semi-structured and competence based methodology. We also use interview templates, reports from the personality tests and other submitted documents. If the candidate up to this point is still relevant for the position, we will present the candidate to you and book an interview.

6. Interviews With You

The first time you meet the candidate, we like to participate so that we can have a better discussion afterwards. Depending on the role we are searching for, there could be multiple interviews or cases in this round.

7. References

When we are beginning to reach the end of the process, we want to talk to two references of each final candidate. With the scorecard in mind, we ensure and evaluate the candidates competence, attributes and results. Something that we like to talk about with the references are culture, well being in the workplace and when the candidate performs at it’s best.

8. Agreement

You and the candidate negotiate a final agreement and the recruiting process is finalized. However this is a small portion of the entire recruiting and onboarding process so we immediately schedule a time to plan the onboarding.

9. Onboarding

The onboarding is loosely divided into three overarching phases; Learning, Doing and Delivering Results. Learn more about our role-specific onboarding here.