Sales Training

Do you want to increase the sales in your company?

We help you to get your new salespeople to deliver results, your current salespeople to reach new levels and stay longer at your company. The results are that your company’s growth goals and met. We call it find-tuning.

Our process for effective sales training

To ensure you get results from your investment, we always work with the following process:

1. An objective evaluation of your current skills

By knowing what works and what does not work, we can more easily help you prioritize your initiatives and budget.

2. Involvement of managers

We involve managers early and create understanding around how this can make them better coaches, leaders, and communicators if they develop their own sales skills. For us, the involvement of managers is mandatory to conduct a sales training.

3. Clear “why”, “what”, and “how” throughout the entire sales training

Why are they going to do something differently, what is going to be their focus in the sales process, and how are they going to execute effectively. We identify areas of improvement where the participants actively train on new structures, techniques, and methods. They later get to reflect upon the experience and apply it in their day-to-day work, to later be held accountable by inspiring others by what they did, how it went, and how they are going to motivate others to act.

4. Training during an extended period with new skills and behaviors

A very small amount of long-term growth is created during a single training. The training needs to become a part of the sales culture through coaching, feedback from the team, observations, practical application, and continued training.

5. Personal responsibility and transparency

Clear expectations on the application of the new structures, methods and techniques are important in combination with specific personal goals and individual follow-up.

6. Training time

The active training is the most crucial part that determines if the participants are going to feel safe enough to apply their new knowledge practically.

7. Tailor the training to your company and your sales culture

We invest time to understand what makes your company unique and what separates your sales culture from others. Our goal is always that the participant are going to experience us as a part of you.

Our sales training methodology:

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