Booking visits: How to book successful visits with your customers

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Booking visits are a great opportunity for your salespeople to get out in the field, make good contacts, and connect with potential customers. Customer visits are also effective for getting to know them better and understanding how they work and what their needs are. Ask relevant questions, listen, and learn. What do they think of your company and brand and are their competitors vying for their attention?

But for the visits to take place, they also need to be booked. That said, strategies are needed for how your organization will contact potential or current customers and schedule a visit.

Before you call to book visits

  1. Think about what your goal is with the visit. What do you want to get out of the meeting?
  2. Adapt how you will present your message or the purpose of the visit to what you think will interest the customer.
  3. Prepare for possible questions and concerns.
  4. Call at a time that you think the customer will have time to listen to what you have to say.

Streamline the process of booking visits

Make a system of lists

As with booking meetings, not all appointments are made or all customers are interested in booking an appointment. That’s why it’s important that when you work with booking visits, you have a lot of contacts and work efficiently to call around to current and potential customers.

One tip is to list all your contacts. Divide them up as follows:

Working list: The target group you decide to focus on.
Wish list: Companies that you dream of having as customers.
Waiting list: The customers you’ve picked up along the way and who you plan to contact when you have time.

Use your networks

Do you need to broaden your network or gain the trust of a customer? Then it might be a good idea to let someone else introduce you to a client. It is much easier to contact someone to book a visit and say hello from a mutual acquaintance at the same time.

All customers are busy with their affairs…

And for that very reason, you need to find a motive that connects with their challenges, interests, and desires. Work on finding your common ground when you call to schedule a visit. It’s usually not enough to just say why the visit is of interest to you. You also need to connect with something that the other person can relate to and that arouses their curiosity. Why else would they share their precious time with you?

How to succeed with customer visits

  1. Be on time.
  2. Set the agenda early:
    – Introduction: The purpose of the visit and what will happen.
    – Questions: Ask lots of questions to learn more about them.
    – Presentation: Your brief presentation about you, the company, and why you are there.
    – Discussion: Your dialogue with the goal of finding a common denominator.
    – Idea sketch: You present a potential solution to their need.
    – Positioning: The acceptance of common ground and how to proceed.
  3. Start by going through the purpose of the visit and what it can lead to.
  4. Let the customer present their company, themselves, and the challenges they are facing right now.
  5. Introduce yourself, the company, and what you want to get out of the visit.

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