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A good salesperson is an invaluable asset for companies to effectively achieve revenue goals and stay on budget. But how do you actually become a good salesperson? That’s something we explore in this blog post! Here you can find tips and inspiration on how to continuously develop key qualities and actively work with them in your sales process.

Characteristics found in many good sellers

Sales are a broad concept that includes different depending on industry, customer, and conditions. For example, B2B (business-to-business) is a form of sales where companies sell products or services to other companies, while B2C (business-to-customer) is another type of sales where companies sell products or services directly to the consumer.

Although you as a salesperson can work with many different forms of sales, some important qualities are crucial for a good salesperson. This applies whether you sell to businesses or directly to consumers.

A good seller includes:

  • Communicative – a salesperson must be able to explain products and services clearly and maintain good communication throughout the sales process.
  • Responsive – selling is largely about listening to the customer and understanding their needs. Therefore, responsiveness can help you develop a solution that meets the customer’s needs in depth.
  • Purposeful – a good salesperson has clear and realistic goals to work towards. So it’s not just about setting goals, but also about having concrete strategies to achieve them.
  • A problem solver – since sales are basically about finding solutions, a good salesperson needs to be solution-oriented. It is not only important to find solutions to the customer’s problems, but also how to tackle difficult situations in complex sales processes.

These qualities are something that you can always develop – no matter how experienced you are. Below you will find some tips and tricks on how you can become a good salesperson by actively working with these qualities in your sales process.

How to Become a Better Salesperson – Tips and Tricks

Here we have collected some tips and tricks on how a good salesperson works. Use these tips as a starting point and think about how to best apply them so that they fit your specific circumstances.

1.   A good salesperson understands his customers in depth

Understand what your customers really want. Consider the following questions to better understand your customers:

  • Who is your customer group?
  • What do they need?
  • What do they want?

To find out, you can, for example, analyze available data about your target groups’ buying behaviors to find patterns and identify trends. This type of data helps you create an objective perception of your customers.

You can also get to know your customers further by asking open-ended questions. If you actively listen without asking leading questions, you get a better idea of individual customers’ needs. When you have an overview of the customer’s perspective, it’s easier to talk about how your solution helped the customer’s specific needs.

By understanding your customers, it’s also easier to choose the right customers. In this way, you do not have to waste valuable time on customers which will not lead to a profitable business.

2.   A good salesperson understands how competitors work

There is a great gain in understanding your competitors. Think about what their sales process looks like – what seems to work well for them, and how can you do it better than them? You can find inspiration, identify business opportunities and get a first idea of what other options your potential customers choose from.

A market analysis can give you many valuable insights into your company’s position in the market in relation to competitors. With these insights, you can develop a sales process that meets customer needs while increasing your company’s competitiveness in the market.

3.   A good salesperson is always listening

As mentioned earlier, responsiveness is an important quality of a good salesperson. By always listening to the customer, you facilitate your work to develop an offer that is difficult for the customer to resist.

An analysis of thousands of sales calls made by Gong Labs, showed that the most successful salespeople have a talk-listen ratio of 43:57. That is, they listen more than they speak.

A good way to confirm that you understand the customer is to repeat what you have perceived. For example, you can use the phrase “If I have understood you correctly, you need…”. Be sure that the customer first confirms that your opinion is correct, before presenting a solution. In this way, you have the same starting point when discussing your proposal.

4.   A good salesperson creates a structure that facilitates the workflow

A structured work process with strong routines is crucial for you as a seller to keep track of what is prioritized. It also helps you understand what it takes to achieve your goals.

To find an effective workflow, different types of sales tools can be very helpful. For example, many options can help you set up an effective workflow for outreach, customer contact, and quotes. It is also beneficial when it comes to keeping track of priorities and the status of individual sales processes.

5.   A good salesperson is prepared and has a well-thought-out strategy

By being prepared, it is easier to meet the customer and their needs – no matter how the sales process develops.

For example, you need to be prepared by knowing everything about the product or service you are selling. The more you know about what you’re selling, the easier it is for you to find a solution that’s tailored to meet each customer’s needs.

You also need to have a well-thought-out sales strategy that is applicable in many different scenarios. Start with a clear framework for a sales process. But, as you already know, every sales process is unique. Therefore, feel free to think about any counterarguments you may get from the customer and be prepared with answers and potential solutions.

6.   A good salesperson sets clear and realistic goals

Clear goals are important to have something concrete to work towards. But it’s not just about setting goals; It is also about establishing clear steps and approaches to achieve these goals.

Let’s imagine that you have a goal of selling for a certain amount in a quarter. At first glance, a quarterly budget may seem overwhelming. If you instead break the quarterly budget into smaller parts, it immediately becomes easier to measure and see progress along the way. For example, you can use the average order value to quickly get an overview of how much you need to sell per month to reach your goal for the coming quarters.

We help you understand how to improve as a salesperson based on your circumstances

Something absolutely crucial for you who want to become a better seller is constant development. If you continuously analyze and refine your work, your development will not stop.

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