Recruiting & Onboarding

Do you want to strengthen your company with the correct sales competence?

To recruit correctly is one of the single most important parts of building a successful sales organization. For us, successful recruiting is about finding a match between the candidate and client where the co-worker quickly becomes productive. This means the company quickly gets results on their investment.

It’s important for us to get to know you, your function, and the role we are going to work with. Therefore, we have carefully selected tools and questions to ensure matching, candidate and client experience. Quality is supposed to be obvious, not optional.

Our work does not end with a successful matching, and the candidate signing your employment contract. We ensure an effective onboarding process and help you optimize the new colleague’s first six months of employment.

Our pricing model is built upon the notion that your investment is our incentive. You pay a start-up investment, an onboarding investment, and then the same amount for the first six months of employment. If something were to change and the employment needs to be terminated – the payments also stop.

Our Process:

Together we gather the personal qualities and driving forces that are needed to succeed, thrive, and grow in the role, and in the organization. We want to talk with you as the recruiting manager but also with other people that will work near your new colleague. This is to form a better understanding of your organizations culture, incentives, KPIs, leadership, and collaboration.

Formal competence is important, equally important, is to identify the underlying elements that create success.

We also tailor an extensive personality test with the personal characteristics that we have gathered. Data from this test will form a common thread throughout the entire process in order to qualify and quality assure. The outcome of sales characteristics are being compared with a norm group of B2B salespeople.

We attract active candidates with digital marketing and paid advertising. We manage incoming applications and in parallel we also conduct external outreach to competence profiles. The selection is managed through our agreed upon matching profile through the following steps:

  • Screening- and qualification questions
  • Tailored personality test for salespeople
  • Competence based digital interview
  • In-depth interview together with you
  • References
  • The employment contract gets signed, and we book the initial onboarding meeting.

Seen from the perspective of the candidate and their experience, we choose a digital approach where we simplify for the candidate. At the same time, we want to maximize the face-to-face meeting. This will lead to an effective process without compromising quality. We work with continual feedback to applicants during the entire process.

We use test-tools early in the process in order to mitigate risk and identify potential. Through our test supplier Psycruit, we get supporting material about the personal profile that will be used as a common thread in the entire process. It gives insights regarding the personal profile, sales characteristics, potential, cultural match, and onboarding. We also have the option to include an intelligence test if appropriate for the role. An automated feed-back report is always sent to the candidate.

When new coworkers have signed the employment contract, we sit down together with you to optimize your onboarding process. We look into the expectations of each party, what metrics that are relevant during the initial period, and how these metrics are followed up. You get a tailored onboarding-material with leadership advice to enable complete productivity together. During the first six months, we will be available as a sounding bord to ensure your acceleration. We help you with:

  • Identifying metrics
  • Setting up clear expectations
  • Crafting a good follow-up structure
  • Your investment – our incentive

For more information – book a meeting below and let us discuss this further: