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  • Sep132023
    A person in front of a tv screen giving a presentation about sales strategy

    Optimize your sales strategy – a critical key to success

    The sales strategy is one of the most critical components of a company’s success, and it is high time to…

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  • Sep072023
    Sales planning on a computer showing a digital calendar

    The Importance of Sales Planning: Your Path to Success

    Sales planning is a crucial aspect for CEOs, sales managers, and salespeople. However, it is surprising how many companies ignore…

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  • Aug302023
    salesperson reading from a sales script while doing outbound sales

    How to Write a Winning Sales Script — Our Top Tips and Examples

    The sales script is not an invention. They have been around for a long time, and above all, they have…

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  • Aug232023
    A person giving sales tips to two salespeople

    17 sales tips that will skyrocket your performance

    No sales tips make you a great salesperson overnight. In addition to all the knowledge you need to acquire about…

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  • Jun222023
    Two people performing a needs analysis

    Perform a needs analysis that creates insights – and a willingness to buy!

    What exactly is a needs analysis, and how do you do it? These are questions we will answer in this…

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  • Jun152023

    Roadmap for sales organizations of the industrial future

    In our article on why the industry of the future is forcing sales organizations to change, we concluded that the…

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  • Jun142023

    Why the industrial future is forcing sales organizations to change

    Companies are being acquired, merged, and going bankrupt at an ever-increasing rate (McKinsey). At the same time, we see accelerating…

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  • Jun082023
    Elevator pitch in an elevator between two people smiling

    Elevator pitch: How to create a world-class personal elevator pitch

    Why should you have an elevator pitch? You have probably been asked “Who are you?” or “What do you do…

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  • Jun022023
    woman by a computer looking over customer benefits

    Customer benefit: What is it and why is it important?

    Take your sales skills to the next level by becoming an expert in customer benefit. Understanding and meeting customer needs…

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  • Jun022023

    What is a sales process?

    A sales process is, at its core, just like any other process. It is a series of steps and activities…

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