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Sales training

Sales training with Salesonomics

Did you know 55% of salespeople lack basic sales skills?

We want you to stop selling and instead make you so interesting that your prospects want to buy from you. The strength of your sales organization is no greater than the strength of each individual sales rep.

Our Sales Training Methodology

Most sales pieces of training consist of inspirational lectures where salespeople are presented with different techniques. Our sales training differs because it is spread out over a longer period. This ensures the structures, methods, and techniques are remembered and practiced before it is tested in the real world.

You won’t get a word-for-word script to utilize in every situation. That is because each and every company is different and you need a sales training program to adopt a language you are familiar with. That is why our program is focused more on practical training and implementation.

What you will get is the real-world experience of stepping out of your comfort zone and beginning to adopt the best practices of high-performing sales reps. You will also get effective structures, methods, and techniques to better understand your client and communicate what value you can add.

Our process for effective sales training

To ensure you get positive results from your investment, we always work with the following process:

1. We begin with an objective evaluation of your sales team and their skills. This ensures we allocate your budget in the right place and prioritize the correct initiatives.

2. The involvement of managers is mandatory for us to conduct a sales training. This helps with understanding how they can better support their sales team during our training.

3. You get clear “why’s”, “what’s”, and “how’s” throughout the entire sales training. Without the full picture, you won’t know why it is important to change.

4. A very small amount of long-term growth is created during a single training. That’s why our training during an extended period will better enforce new learnings, skills and behaviors.

5. You will get clear expectations on the application of your new learnings. This is important for each individual’s personal responsibility and transparency within the sales team.

6. Active training is the most crucial part if the participants are going to feel confident enough to apply their new knowledge.

7. We invest lots of time in understanding what makes your company unique and what separates your sales culture from others. This ensures we tailor the experience and that we are seen as a part of your organization.

Clients using Sales Training