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Sales training with Salesonomics

Did you know 55% of salespeople lack basic sales skills?

We want you to stop selling and instead make you so interesting that your prospects want to buy from you. The strength of your sales organization is no greater than the strength of each individual sales rep.

Do you want to increase sales in your company?

Continuously working with sales training is important for all salespeople, regardless of experience and competence. Renewing your knowledge, updating yourself on the latest, and gaining new perspectives are crucial to being able to perform at your peak.

By booking your sales team on sales training with us, you ensure that your organization has the sales skills and sales technical tools required to increase sales. We make sure that your newly hired salespeople quickly deliver results, and that the existing ones reach higher levels and stay longer with the company. The result is that the organization’s growth goals are achieved.

Why sales training?

Yes, there are many reasons to book your salespeople for sales training with us. For starters, this is how you form a team of knowledgeable salespeople. And who also possess all the knowledge needed for them to deliver good results. Do you think your new or existing salespeople could be even better in their field?

You will achieve the best results if you let someone who is a specialist in sales training train and teach. With sales training, you or any other internal party who is not an expert does not have to take on the responsibility. Instead, you can sit back knowing your salespeople are getting the best B2B sales training available.

What is the difference between a sales course, sales education, and sales training?

Many may think that sales courses, sales education, and sales training are different words for the same thing. But that’s not quite right. The differences are big in execution and that makes all the difference to the final results for the customer. We will now try to clarify the concepts with our definitions.

What is a sales course?

A sales course is by definition a shorter section of a larger training course. In the sales world, a sales course often consists of one or a couple of full days. The sales course is leader-led and focuses on inspiring the participants. Sometimes participants are given a brochure or other study material to take home after completing a course session.

What is sales education?

Sales education is an activity that spans a slightly longer period of time than a sales course does. Often it is about an opportunity every, or every two, weeks. During these occasions, salespeople are trained by a sales trainer and a lot of focus is on imparting knowledge to the participants. Sometimes, during a sales training course, group tasks or exercises can be given between the occasions.

What is sales training?

Sales training is an activity spread over a longer period (often 16–20 weeks). During that period, the sales trainer goes through structures, methods, and techniques throughout the entire sales process.

What distinguishes sales training from both sales courses and sales training is that it is based on active training. The participants get the opportunity to test new ways of selling, while they get direct coaching in its execution from the sales trainer. It takes participants outside their comfort zone and ensures lasting results over time.

Our Sales Training Methodology

Most sales pieces of training consist of inspirational lectures where salespeople are presented with different techniques. Our sales training differs because it is spread out over a longer period. This ensures the structures, methods, and techniques are remembered and practiced before it is tested in the real world.

You won’t get a word-for-word script to utilize in every situation. That is because each and every company is different and you need a sales training program to adopt a language you are familiar with. That is why our program is focused more on practical training and implementation.

What you will get is the real-world experience of stepping out of your comfort zone and beginning to adopt the best practices of high-performing sales reps. You will also get effective structures, methods, and techniques to better understand your client and communicate what value you can add.

Our process for effective sales training

To ensure you get positive results from your investment, we always work with the following process:

1. We begin with an objective evaluation of your sales team and their skills. This ensures we allocate your budget in the right place and prioritize the correct initiatives.

2. The involvement of managers is mandatory for us to conduct sales training. This helps with understanding how they can better support their sales team during our training.

3. You get clear “why’s”, “what’s”, and “how’s” throughout the entire sales training. Without the full picture, you won’t know why it’s important to change and improve stages of the sales process.

4. A very small amount of long-term growth is created during a single training. That’s why our training during an extended period will better enforce new learnings, skills, and behaviors.

5. You will get clear expectations on the application of your new learnings. This is important for each individual’s personal responsibility and transparency within the sales team.

6. Active training is the most crucial part if the participants are going to feel confident enough to apply their new knowledge.

7. We invest lots of time in understanding what makes your company unique and what separates your sales culture from others. This ensures we tailor the experience and that we are seen as a part of your organization.

Our programs

How You Create Deals In The Digital Sales Meeting

It is made up of 3 hours of training on 3 occasions. The program contains concrete tasks to complete between the occasions.

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Sales Acceleration Program

The program consists of 3 hours of training on 8 separate occasions where we work through the entire sales process.

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