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Leadership training

Leadership training with Salesonomics

Do you want your sales leaders to perform even better?

People support a world they help create and processes that help them succeed.

Sales Leadership is the ability to enlist the willing and enthusiastic cooperation of salespeople to achieve desired results.

Our Leadership Training Methodology

There’s no quick fixes when it comes to sales leadership. You will get powerful and proven structures, methods and techniques that will take your leadership skills to the next level. Additionally the program will cover four important perspectives: People, Process, Leading and Doing.

In Salesonomics leadership training – Winning Sales Leadership:

  • You will learn how to set up the foundation for a strong, productive and successful sales team.
  • Establish your own leadership vision and use it to create trust, and define clear values together with your team.
  • Implement clear standards for performance and practice how to coach each individual in your team to their full potential.
  • Strengthen your communication skills by using structures for questioning and really understand the different levels of listening.
  • Discover the most common hiring mistakes and get the tools to make sure recruitment is done right.
  • Get your sales team inspired by your weekly meetings.

Our training methodology:

The program is made up of 8 three hour sessions including:

Module 1: Developing Sales Leadership

  • Understand the four important perspectives of leadership and management
  • Create your leadership vision
  • Define your own values and establish common values within your team

Module 2: Communicate to lead

  • Understand how communication filters impact our communication
  • Learn efficient principles to create trust
  • Strengthen your questioning skills and improve your listening

Module 3: Building your sales team

  • Use the performance quadrant as a tool for spending your time right
  • Understand motivation and learn how to efficiently use both recognition and appreciation

Module 4: Time Management

  • Practice 5 important time management tools
  • Implement the decision matrix in your daily life
  • Learn how to more easily implement new habits

Module 5: Performance Management

  • Practice an effective coaching method in 5 steps
  • Learn how to use goals vs. standards for improved performance
  • Get a structure to restore performance

Module 6: Hiring Top Performing Salespeople

  • Identify the most common hiring mistakes
  • Learn how to do behavioral interviews 
  • Implement score cards for more predictive hiring

Module 7: Conducting Outstanding Sales Meetings

  • Understand the complexity of different meetings
  • Use an efficient structure for inspiring meetings
  • Learn how to use the sales meetings to constantly improve the performance of the team

Module 8: Best Practices and Future Plan

  • Learn more about how others have succeeded, share your own success stories and define a plan for the future

Clients using Leadership training