Leadership training

Do you want to create willing and enthusiastic cooperation of salespeople to achieve desired results?

Our leadership training revolves around the notion that people support a world they help create, and they support processes that help them succeed.

Sales training

Are your sales reps struggling with getting prospects interested?

We want you to stop selling and instead make you so interesting that your prospects want to buy from you. The strength of your sales organization is no greater than the strength of each individual sales rep.

Sales & marketing alignment

Tired of having your sales and marketing teams working in silos?

Companies with a well-integrated sales- and marketing function get 38% more deals and reach 208% more revenue than other organizations. We help you align your sales and marketing efforts with a hyper-focus on activities that contribute to revenue growth.

Role-specific onboarding

Most companies have a company-specific onboarding but when was the last time you onboarded a salesperson for their specific role?

We ensure that your new salesperson quickly goes from being “new and confused” to “productive and profitable” with structured and role-specific onboarding.


Do you want to strengthen your company with the correct sales competence?

Recruiting is one of the single most important parts of building a successful sales organization. It’s about finding a match between a client and the candidate where both formal competence and personal characteristics align.

Sales tools

Feeling overwhelmed with the number of available sales tech?

The global CRM market was valued at $52.64 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow to $129.97 billion by the year 2028. The number of marketing tools has grown from around 150 to over 9000 in only 10 years. We help you navigate the sales and marketing tool landscape so you can work smarter.