Sales Acceleration Program

The program consists of 3 hours of training on 8 separate occasions where we work through the entire sales process.

You will learn:

  • An effective sales process in eight steps that will make your clients sell for you
  • Double SMART goals in three different levels that will help you accelerate your sales faster
  • Three accurate methods for finding the right client for you to connect with
  • How you break through the noise and become the obvious choice for your clients
  • Increase your capacity and conversion with social selling
  • Techniques to book meetings with the right people and with the right prerequisites
  • Nine concrete steps to conduct the perfect sales meeting
  • A questioning model in four different phases that creates crucial insights with your client
  • Structure to present your solution so that the client wants to buy
  • Six steps to handle doubt and close the deal
  • Five principles for successful negotiations
  • How you create client follow-ups with measurable results
  • Two techniques to get your current clients to generate new clients to you

The program is best suited for you who work in complex B2B sales and already have some experience in sales. The program can also be adapted to transactional B2B sales or B2C.

For us, sales are about people who want to help other people by solving their problems.

Your investment:

240 000 SEK (maximum 25 participants)

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