About Salesonomics

We want to create a world where we stop selling and instead make customers interested so they want to buy. Our vision is a world where all humans succeed happily.

Sales Acceleration Formula

After having worked with over 100 different companies from national start-ups to global multibillion dollar companies, we have asked ourselves the question, what differentiates companies that crush their growth goals and win awards multiple times in a row from the companies that are stagnating. From the insight the idea of creating Salesonomics was born with the goal of being your “one stop shop” to accelerate your company’s sales growth.

Our vision is a world where we stop selling and instead make our customers want to buy. Our concept find-tuning helps you work strategically with recruiting and onboarding the right salespeople for your organization. We also train your salespeople to help accelerate your journey towards an increased sales growth.

According to a study it takes an average of 381 days to train new sales employees for them to achieve similar results to an existing sales rep. When your new sales reps are finally trained the stay only 2,5 years on average. Then add the crushing fact that it costs 1,2 million SEK to replace a salesperson.

Combine that with studies that have shown that 62% of companies experience ineffectiveness in their onboarding of salespeople. At the same time, there’s a 60% higher likelihood of a sales rep staying for 3 years or more when a standardized onboarding process is used. By optimizing for sales training, you can reduce the time it takes for a salesperson to perform with 7 weeks. In addition, every crown invested in sales training will give you around 3,7 crowns in return.

Statistics clearly show that sales demand a well thought out strategy in a variety of areas. A complex job that we want to make easier for you.

*If you want to solve other people’s problems, you are a salesperson.

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