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Why Salesonomics?

Salesonomics is your B2B growth partner. We help you maximize your revenue by evolving your clients’ purchasing experiences. By enabling the entire journey from strategy to behavior change. 

We want to create a world where we stop selling and instead make customers interested so they want to buy. Our vision is a world where all humans succeed happily.

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What is Salesonomics?

After having worked with over 100 companies from national start-ups to global multibillion-dollar companies, we have asked ourselves what differentiates companies that crush their growth goals and win awards multiple times in a row from those that are stagnating.

From this insight, the idea of creating Salesonomics was born.

We want to be your strategic growth partner and a complete platform to increase your company’s growth.

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  • “Even if I was a bit hesitant about the timing, before we began this sales training, I believe that we definitely selected the right time. Salesonomics helped us prioritize the right things during our very hectic period.”

    Johan Lindén | Sales Director, Tibnor
    Johan Lindén | Sales Director, Tibnor

What can Salesonomics do for you?

We can recruit your next talented co-worker and help you onboard them effectively based on their role. We can also help you set your sales strategy and train your current sales team.

With our different partnerships, we can also help you choose the right sales tools so you can work smarter.

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  • “When it comes to the sales training we hired Salesonomics. It was a way to align our sales process and work from a common methodology.”

    Marie Forsberg | CCO, Learnifier
    Marie Forsberg | CCO, Learnifier
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