How Tibnor got an ROI of 853%

Tibnor likes:

“I realized early on, when I met the sales trainer at Salesonomics, that this would not be a sales training that consists of a script. This person would be able to challenge my organization in a very valuable way and also create lots of positive energy.”
Johan Lindén | Sales Director, Tibnor

About Tibnor

Tibnor supplies steel, metals, and production services to the industry in the Nordics and Baltics. They are driven to make a difference for all their customer. For they, just like their customers, have to work harder, smarter, and better to compete in global competition. As a modern distributor of steel and metals, they understand that their role extends far beyond the actual delivery. They make a difference!

Tibnor has sales offices, warehouses, and processing facilities in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, and the Baltics. Our head office is located in Solna outside Stockholm. Each country has local management teams with good knowledge of their respective markets. Purchasing and inventory management, parts business, IT, marketing, communication, and HR are centrally managed. In Sweden, they also have subsidiaries that operate under their own brand.

Short facts about Tibnor

  • 1000 employees in 7 countries
  • 8,2 BSEK in Net sales
  • Tibnor is a subsidiary of SSAB with a share of the SSAB Group’s total net sales of 12%.
  • Active markets: Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

Tibnor’s challenge

Tibnor came to us with a rather though past. They had a few years behind them where they had been forced to lay off personnel and were now in the process of forming a sales- and marketing plan with profitability as the main goal.

Tibnor, like any large organization, was struggling with multiple challenges. Their salespeople needed to evolve, become less product-oriented, and speak more with their customers about their long-term goals. Their salespeople also needed to educate customers on how to make digital purchases so they could spend more of their time with their most important clients. Additionally, inside sales reps needed to become even more proactive in their sales.

With that in mind, they were looking for a partner to help guide them into this period of change and growth.

The solution

After careful consideration, we decided they needed to invest in training their salespeople and product specialists. What we created was an extensive sales development program that was marketed internally and branded ”Steel the Deal”.

The program was rolled out on a nordic level for 3 countries, with 150 salespeople and product specialists. To ensure the training became a part of Tibnors’ DNA, we also developed an ambassador program of internal sales trainers.

To be able to measure the impact of Steel the Deal. We made sure that each participating salesperson set clear and concise goals which were called ”Result Projects”.

We have also implemented an onboarding program to ensure all new salespeople are indoctrinated into their sales culture.

The result

Tibnor reached amazing results; even before all of the result projects were accounted for, they had an ROI of 853%.

They have seen a clear difference in how their salespeople are more customer-oriented and their product specialists are more consultative than before.

There is such a big difference between salespeople that attended the training, and those who did not, that they made Steel the Deal mandatory for all salespeople.

Steel the Deal has also made other Tibnor countries curious about the sales training and made for new exciting extension course.