How Learnifier grew with 60 %

Learnifier likes:

“I have discussed a lot with the recruiters at Salesonomics, but also with our sales trainer. If we had not hired Salesonomics, my last year and a half would have been more tedious. I also think our results would have been much worse.”
Marie Forsberg | CCO, Learnifier

About Learnifier

Learnifier is the leading learning platform in the Nordics. A dynamic tool for going digital with your knowledge. You can easily boost your message, automate your administrative tasks and turn expertise into powerful learning with Learnifiers platform.

In 2022, they have:

  • 230´000+ users
  • 1472 logins every minute
  • Users in 157 countries

They are passionate about learning and absolutely love being part of the tech revolution that is changing how, when, and from whom we learn – even how we think of learning.

Learnifier believes that the best way to learn is to teach. And that’s why collaboration, sharing, and interaction are such a big part of what they’ve built.

Learnifier’s challenge

Learnifier came to us during a period in their growth when they were going to accelerate their sales and transition from a start-up to a scale-up. This transition came with challenges they had not faced before and they needed help with answering new questions. 

On top of that, they didn’t have time for all of the initiatives they wanted to pursue. They needed an extended arm and especially in their commercial organization.

They also struggled with how to form their sales strategy and what sales process they should structure.

The solution

To not get stuck in an old rut, Learnifier wanted an external perspective and someone to discuss their challenges with. This is where we at Salesonomics played our part. 

The first thing we did was to provide workshops and coach Learnifiers’ commercial director and CEO to help them with their sales- and marketing strategy. Together, we formed a common understanding of what organizations they wanted to do business with and how to approach them.

After they had formed a clear picture of how to expand from a start-up to a scale-up. We helped train their current sales reps. This helped them align on a common language for different parts of the sales process. Which made it easier for their sales reps to share knowledge and reach better results.

To continue growing and reaching new results. Learnifier also had to grow its sales team. That’s why we helped them with recruiting.

We have also implemented a role-specific onboarding program that quickly ensures that new sales reps are indoctrinated into their common sales process. Which shortens the time for new sales reps to go from new and confused to productive and profitable.

The result

Learnifier now has a clear growth strategy of how to transition into their scale-up phase and they had revenue growth of 60% last year. 

They also have multiple new salespeople in various roles:

  • 1 Sales Development Representative
  • 2 Sales Representatives
  • 1 Sales Specialist – New Market

Since their sales team grew rapidly, we also helped them recruit their new sales manager.

Additionally, we have implemented an effective onboarding process for their sales reps in their own LMS.