SALESONOMICS Special Assignment Over the last ten years, Mark's direct advice on landing specific and highly desired accounts has benefitted companies in numerous industries.
Hire Mark to Help You Land a Top Account Over the last several years demand for Mark's direct advice on landing highly desired accounts has grown. And the results have been major. Client companies have landed 10's of millions of dollars in new business. And they did it with accounts that had repeatedly denied access or were considered impossible! Mark works step-by-step with your team advising, developing-even shaking things up so that only the best sales strategies are executed. Most sales managers want their salesforce landing more game-changing accounts. It has been done in numerous industries. You are invited to consider how the potential advantages may benefit your goals. Improve Your Success Closing Top Accounts: 10 Advantages You'll Want On Your Side
How long does an engagement like this last? Depends on the situation, of course, but usually from one to six months.  If I am interested in learning more, what's next? Arrange for a phone call with Mark Holmes. Have an account in mind so that you can discuss what you want to achieve with Mark, as well as the challenges that will be faced. Both of you will determine whether a good fit exists. What fees are involved? As you probably guessed, Mark can speak to the specific fees only after becoming more familiar with your needs. There is no fee to discuss your situation on a call. If you are the decision maker and you are serious about how your company might gain substantial, challenging business, click here to arrange a phone call with Mark.

An effective entry point

Cracking the code on getting in to tough accounts isn’t easy. Mark shows your team how to determine the approach that gives the highest probability of success—and how to implement it excellently.

Heading off objections

Busy prospects raise immediate objections that pose a significant obstacle. Mark guides you to prepare for strong avoidance and resistance, get past technology walls and create strong desire, faster.

Game-changing questions

To create strong desire for prospects who think they don’t need what you offer, requires new questions that change attitudes. Mark is a master at crafting questions that get remarkable results.

Effective differentiation

Mark will guide you on how to clearly and convincingly differentiate your offer from competitors. Your team will learn ways to link more powerfully with the prospect’s decision drivers.

Neutralizing strong competitors

Dealing successfully with entrenched competitors in an account is necessary to land tough business. Mark works with you on 12 competitor strategies that increase your chances, significantly.

Growing existing business

Mark’s clients have definitely improved sales to existing customers, all it took was "the right" new approach, and superior execution.

An impressive sales presentation

Canned Power Points! Irrelevant material. Boring presenters. You undoubtedly recognize these as some of the common pitfalls with formal presentations. When a prospect agrees to a presentation, you want to make a great impression. Mark will show you how.

A great game plan

Mark begins by getting sufficient understanding of your business and product offering. He implements his proven step-by-step process with your team to produce strategy and planning that catapults your chance for success.

Successful sales tools

For over 10 years Mark’s GoGettersm Online sales tools have been fine-tuned by salespeople, for salespeople. They’re the easiest and fastest tools with CRM applications and mobile access.

Unbiased, frank advice

Most sales managers realize that being close to the daily action can impair perspective. Mark provides you with candid, straightforward advice based on advising successful companies in twenty industries for 25 years.

Mark’s Memo  “Differentiation strategy goes beyond what's different about your product, it clearly distinguishes your product's value from competitors.” Read Case Studies Arrange Salesonomics Introductory Workshop
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"Out of 10 targeted accounts, we closed on 8 in the first year and added over $11 million in sales with this process." ~ Steve Hardwick, Global Vice President of Business Development, TETRA Technologies "We immediately used the principles you taught on an impossible sale... and came back with a $70,000 order!" ~ Dave Hinrichs, President, Commercial Insurance Underwriters Commercial Insurance Underwriters "Your sales team can increase sales by thousands to millions a year using the strategies Mark Holmes teaches. We've repeatedly used the process over the last 10 years to help us land big sales." ~ Darren Haney, National Sales Manager, BioPharm Division, Paul Mueller Company
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