Customized sales training programs designed both for your industry and your sales team using the principles of Salesonomics®. Mark's training programs have been rated excellent by thousands of professionals. Here is a sampling of Mark's workshops:

  • How to Use Question-Centered Selling to Close More Sales
  • Creating and Executing Highly Effective Sales Strategy
  • The Magnitude of Attitude on Sales
  • Using Sales Time Profitably: How to Organize and Prioritize Sales Activity
  • The Power of Speaking Your Customer's Language and Differentiating Value
  • Advanced Skills For Listening and Comprehending
  • How to Sell "Higher Price" and Deal Successfully With Resistance

How can Mark help individual salespeople? ».

Built upon the success of Mark's one-on-one results with individual salespeople, sales managers and business owners, Mark creates a coaching program tailored to each person's needs.

Some of the most common needs include: question-centered selling, time management, creating stronger value propositions, getting in the door with tough prospects, and using sales strategy with highly competitive accounts.

Most coaching programs take six to eight weeks and focus on getting results.

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Can Mark provide advice on improving our sales process? ».

Mark has advised some of America's most successful companies, in roughly twenty different industries.

At times, what you need is for someone with the knowledge and track record to help turn sales around, quickly. That's where Mark can help.

Some companies use Mark to revamp their entire sales process, to get more competitive and successful at closing a higher percentage of sales.

Then there are companies that want Mark's advice on managing sales effectively, improving accountability, and giving their salesforce better tools to win competitive sales or grow business with existing customers.

Mark can probably advise you in ways that pay dividends for years to come. The best way to find out for certain that's the case, is to arrange an exploratory call to discuss your situation.

What's the payoff—short-term and long-term? »

Click to discuss your situation with Mark
This phone call will give you a chance to get to know Mark as well as provide him with some background about your company, your sales goals and specific challenges.

You've probably heard that "it's all about results."

Here's a question though, should we be talking about short-term or long-term sales growth results?

Actually, it's both. When it comes to increasing your sales, you want to draw on a sales method that will produce short-term sales gains "and" long-term sales growth.

Salesonomics Onsite Sales Growth is not a theory. Not a collection of good ideas in a book. It's a validated process that works with you and your existing salesforce to grow sales now--and for the future.

Take a look at the proof of results (testimonials below, or link to our Case Studies at the end). You'll notice enthusiastic remarks about landing immediate sales as well as long-term payoff.

SALESONOMICS Method Pays Off for Years

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Let's check out the Needs Assessment ».

Salesonomics won't fit every company's unique situation. So, how do companies determine whether or not it's a good fit for their B2B salesforce?

We start with a phone call. Mark likes to begin learning about your business, the challenges your salesforce deals with, industry trends and sales growth needs. It also gives you a chance to get to know Mark, his approach and his style.

Needs Assessment

If both of us see a good fit and you give the green light, we immediately start by gathering helpful insights using our Needs Assessment. Here's what you can expect:

We interview your salesforce and a sampling of your customer base. We discover why customers buy, or why they don't buy from your company. We identify where your salesforce struggles (and why). And we identify the main value attributes that drive your customer's decision-making.

Then, based on your Needs Assessment results we develop a game plan for working with your salesforce. When you approve we begin drilling-down deeper into your product offering, industry, specific challenges and training your salesforce on the sales method. We also customize the online and mobile sales call planning tools for your salesforce.

Having advanced knowledge of your industry is helpful--but it's not critical. We have special familiarity in the following industries:

Oil and Gas - Energy Industry; Capital Equipment; Chemical Industry; Manufacturing to Distributors/Direct Channel Markets; Commercial Banking; Commercial Insurance; Foods - Commercial; Non-profit Major Corporation Fundraising; Professional Services; Financial Services (high net worth clientele).

We extend the invitation to learn about your company and industry, to see if there's a fit.

Click here to explore whether Salesonomics might benefit your salesforce »

You have several options for growing sales. And you want to make the best decision for your company.

If you choose Salesonomics Onsite Sales Growth, the process will center on your actual needs.

How often we come onsite, for how long, and what we work on with your salesforce always stays focused on your specific and timely needs.

The way we look at it, every part of our game plan is subject to your approval. And we do listen! We have an expertise- but you are the expert in your business.

So here's what you can expect. Mark Holmes will come to your location. Usually monthly and typically for 3 to 12 months. Your salesforce will develop Top 10 Targeted accounts and Mark will work directly with them on landing those sales.

Your salespeople will benefit from direct, regular contact with Mark. They get help on what they need, when they need it. And in the first several months, you'll witness a transformation.

Some of your salespeople may be rocked off cruise control selling. Others may be slow to change. And some of your salespeople, well they may surprise you by how much or how quickly they increase sales.

There is "no" one-size-fits-all approach with Salesonomics. The entire process is tailor-fit to meet the goals set for your salesforce.

Schedule your free Sales Snapshot phone call.
On your call, Mark will ask you several Sales Snapshot questions that give him the essential information he needs to understand your situation and provide possible initial recommendations.

Want to know more first? Click here for FAQ's.

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“You can't bore prospects into buying your product or services." "Customers must think before they buy and questions make them think." "People buy into your value when it aligns with what they value." "The only thing worse than losing a sale-is to be viewed as similar." "Your sales message must blast through the clutter not blend in."
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