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Our Listening: According to Dr. Manny Steil 95% of people believe that the primary responsibility for communication is the speaker's not the listener's.
This presumption is tragic in sales. It disengages comprehension and active listening, which can lead to missing subtle messages that can cost us a sale!
Great salespeople consistently do the things that average salespeople won't. They have the discipline to do sales call planning. They hone their sales skills and their personal time management. They maintain good attitudes. But great salespeople rarely come to an organization with all of these essential qualities. The good news is these traits can be developed for any salesforce with Salesonomics. Click here if you're interested.
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The Magnitude of Attitude On Selling Discover the secrets to doing a daily attitude tune-up for greater success in sales. Learn 4 Rules for a Great Attitude toward work and life.
How to Identify Decision Influencers and Understand Their Role In The Sale You'll learn how to be 110% certain that you've accurately identified "all" the people who influence the buying decision-as well as their role in that choice. Discover 7 Highly Effective Questions you'll want to be in the habit of asking.
10 Popular Mark Holmes' Quotes on Selling Million $ advice in the form of popular quotes from Mark Holmes' sales training programs, keynotes and writings.
How to Juggle Time Demands As A Sales Professional Imagine keeping track of and managing more sales opportunities and activities than ever before. It's not as difficult as you might imagine, especially when you use the simple account and time management techniques in this article.
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