Salesonomics Introductory Workshop Over the last 25 years, Mark Holmes has delivered over 2,200 workshops and speeches to tens of thousands of professionals from coast to coast on topics including strategic sales methods,  building customer loyalty, and managing employee motivation and performance. Discover the Salesonomics Difference This half-day workshop introduces your salespeople to Mark's methods and how he will work with them on critical areas of selling such as: Getting in the door with prospects quickly Selling tough prospects and increasing sales to existing clients Creating sales strategy that focuses prospects on your company's value Using strategies to neutralize competitor advantages How to sell higher price and make it stick How to differentiate your company's value proposition form other competitors Identifying and selling to the prospect's true decision drivers Improving attentive listening skills Learning how to use strategic question-based selling methods to break down resistance Needs Assessment Plus Introductory Workshop Completed On Initial Visit This highly interactive workshop allows your salespeople to become familiar with Mark's approach, and also provides Mark with additional insight into your unique selling situation and challenges. (During this initial onsite visit, your Needs Assessment and the workshop will be completed.) In addition, your salespeople will begin to discover Mark's plans to assist your company in becoming even more successful. While Mark's training and coaching is an important component of the remarkable success clients have achieved using Salesonomics, it is only one of the tools. Mark will also show your team how Top 10 Targeting, Sales Strategy and Execution, and Onsite Sales Growth Management will help your salespeople succeed both immediately and long-term. Click here for training testimonials. Want more information? Click here to contact Mark. Mark will be glad to respond personally to tell you how Salesonomics can meet your specific sales needs.
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What Others Say:
"Out of 10 targeted accounts, we closed on 8 in the first year and added over $11 million in sales with this process." ~ Steve Hardwick, Global Vice President of Business Development, TETRA Technologies "We immediately used the principles you taught on an impossible sale... and came back with a $70,000 order!" ~ Dave Hinrichs, President, Commercial Insurance Underwriters Commercial Insurance Underwriters "Your sales team can increase sales by thousands to millions a year using the strategies Mark Holmes teaches. We've repeatedly used the process over the last 10 years to help us land big sales." ~ Darren Haney, National Sales Manager, BioPharm Division, Paul Mueller Company
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