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What is SALESONOMICS? A proven sales method with a decade-plus track record for helping successful companies grow their sales by 20% or more.  It has been especially successful at helping B2B sellers get in the door with tough prospects and land never-sold accounts–and experience significant sales increases with existing customers. What Kind of Results Can Be Expected Using The Salesonomics Process? Results have been especially fast for some clients, while for others, the payoff came months later. Another exciting dimension to the process is that it keeps on creating new opportunities and new sales for as long as your salespeople execute the methods.  What Kind of Company Is Best Suited to Benefit from Salesonomics? The clients that seem to get the top results from Salesonomics share many of these characteristics: Increasing sales 10, 15, 20 percent or more is a high priority The salesforce has difficultly getting in the door with top prospects The company's value proposition/sales message is not convincingly differentiated  from competitor offers The salesforce does not follow a formal sales process, or, it needs a more organized approach to manage opportunities Management wants to improve accountability Management recognizes that sales strategy needs to be improved Closing ratios are too low and management wants to equip salespeople with tools that will help If We Brought Mark Holmes to Our Company, What Would Be Involved? First, we would have an initial phone conference so that Mark Holmes can become acquainted with your company, your sales goals, how your salesforce is performing currently, as well as an understanding of your product/services offering and industry. From there, if we both believe there is a potential fit and you approve, our first step will be to conduct an initial Needs Assessment survey. Then we will develop our game plan to work with you and your salesforce, a timeline and investment options are included. When you approve our game plan, implementation begins immediately. How Much Is The Investment in Sales Growth? To produce sales growth of 20% or more requires a well-planned process fit to an investment level you can justify. Normally, we can provide a general cost range once we have an initial phone conference and can better determine your 'possible' needs based on previous clients with similar needs. After the Needs Assessment, the cost options we present will be exact. A wide-range size of clients (annual sales of $2 million to over $1 billion) as well as industry types have benefitted significantly. Is The Payoff From Salesonomics Better Than The Payoff of Other Options? Actually, yes. Companies that have become clients first recognized that training or coaching programs can be helpful, but on their own, didn't produce lasting results. They justify the investment in our proven process because of the very low risk of failure it represents. Secondly, our clients have run the numbers, they know that if they can expect similar results, increasing sales 10, 15, 20% or more, that it will more than pay for the investment. Third, clients gain a permanency of result from their investment because this process when implemented brings lasting sales growth. Consequently, clients often see an ROI of 10x, 30x even 100x or more in increased sales over the investment amount, in the first 6 to 18 months. How difficult is it to incorporate Salesonomics into what we're already doing? It is easy; it is designed to work with your existing salesforce. If your current sales process isn't working well enough, we help you fine-tune it and implement the most needed elements of Salesonomics. If you don't have a formal sales process and you like the Salesonomics method, you can make it your own. You can use our process for years if you want, there are no license fees or rights to pay. What If Some of My Salespeople Aren't Performing Well Enough Right Now, Am I Wasting Money Bringing Your Company In? Not in our experience, you won't be. Here's why. Salesonomics uses highly effective, strategic selling tools and training and on-demand coaching for your producers. But, it also involves strict accountability to results. Your "top performers" and your "sub-par performers" will become very apparent in the first several months. We work to turn your sub-par performers around, and most do improve. But, if there is an ongoing challenge bringing them up to par, that will be your call as to whether or not they remain on your team. We ultimately work for you and will work with the team you give us, with candid observations provided! What Is The Introductory Salesonomics Workshop? The introductory Salesonomics workshop is a half-day workshop for you and your salesforce. It occurs on the same trip Mark makes to conduct your Needs Assessment survey. You can visit with Mark about the details of the workshop when you arrange your call to discuss your sales growth needs.
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