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Home Sales Training Sales Coaching About Mark Holmes Book Resources Contact Privacy Policy Terms of Use Media Testimonials Case Studies Tetra Technologies was doing  well. But the $1 billion - per - year Houston oil and gas  services company wanted to  see improvement in their  completion fluids division  sales.        Enter Ma rk Holmes, sales  specialist and author of the  forthcoming book,  Salesonomics sm . Holmes has  spent over two decades  working with salespeople in  many different industries and  business climates. When Tetra  needed to increase sales, they  called him.         Accord ing to Holmes, several  of the popular, fast - hitting sales  training programs won’t work  in the fiercely competitive oil  and gas market. “Tetra’s sales  force needed a sales  methodology for getting in the  door with overworked, tough  prospects as well as to cl ose  more business and grow sales  with the existing customer  base, ” Holmes says .  “They also  needed to learn how to sell  business at higher prices, and  make those higher prices  stick.”      What sets Holmes’ process  apart from other sales  improvement training Tetra has  used?  Holmes began with a  thorough needs assessment  drawn from the company’s  sales force, and a sampling of  Tetra’s customers and non - customers.      From this input, Holmes’  twe aked the Salesonomics  process to fit Tetra’s specific  needs and guided the  implementation plan over the  next six months, working  directly with the sales force in  groups and one - on - one.  According to Holmes, “Sales  training is one part of achieving  considera ble sales growth but  accountability to results, simple  sales tools ,  and sufficient help  whenever sales reps need it — is  the  secret sauce .”       One unique feature of  Salesonomics is onsite sales  management and direct  accountability, the crucial force  that kee ps well - intended  training from going in one ear  and out the other. “It isn’t  about learning, it’s about  applying ,” Holmes says. “The  current selling environment  simply won’t allow for that.”  This critical element is woven  into Holmes’ process which  takes p lace over several months  –  not a day or two like most  popular training programs.  Holmes also uses online and  mobile application sales tools,  such as Sales Call Planner, for  planning on the go. Tetra’s  salesmen utilized the Sales Call  Planner before each sa les call  with much success.            Results   This comprehensive approach  to Tetra’s sales situation  worked . Tetra’s sales in the  company’s fluid division  increased  significantly,   according to Tetra’s Global  Vice President of Business  Development Steve Hardwick:  “Out of 10 targe ted accounts,  we close d on 8  in the first year  “Out of 10 targe ted  accounts, we closed on  8  in the first year and  added over $11 million  in sales with this  process!”     Steve Hardwick,    Global  Vice President    of Business  Development   Case  Study :  TETRA Technologies                 Tetra sales force targets ten a ccounts, lands eight, adding  millions in new sales   By Christine Van Matre
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