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Home Sales Training Sales Coaching About Mark Holmes Book Resources Contact Privacy Policy Terms of Use Media Testimonials Case Studies Mark Holmes knows how to help  salespeople beat a bad economy.  The Springfield,  Missouri,  consultant has made a name for  himself showing salespeople how  to get results using the very   methods he used during his own  sales career. Holmes has distilled  those methods, along with his 20 - plus years of sales training and  consulting, into a process he  calls  Salesonomics.      New salespeople as well as  seasoned salespeople can benefit  tremendously from Holmes’  unique approach. “I think as  salespeople we tend to get into a  mental rut, and this training  offered new ways of looking at  the sales process,” said  Eric  Merritt of Paul Mueller  Company. Mental ruts and  reverting to old ways of selling  are luxuries salespeople can no  longer afford, according to  Holmes.      Results    Holmes put his sales  methodologies to work at Paul  Mueller, and the company  realized a st aggering sales result  –   product sales increased from $13  million to $54 million in 2002,  without increasing the sales force.  While it is unrealistic to directly  link the entire $43 million sales  increase to Salesonomics,  t estimonials from high - achieving  sa lespeople  do  point to  big   results.  Also, a ccording to sales   force feedback, the Salesonomics  methods are applicable to those of  any level of sales experience.    Holmes claims his   system is  effective for B2B sales in a wide  variety of industries and  commerce.     Praise from sales executives at  Mueller has been encouraging.  When asked for a quote about  sales growth results, National  Sales Manager, Darren Haney,  wholeheartedly endorsed the  process for other organizations  too, “Your sales team can  increase sales by  thousands to  millions a year using the  strategies Mark Holmes teaches.  We’ve repeatedly used the  process over the last ten years to  help us land big sales.”     Best of all, Salesonomics works  regardless of the current  economy. “I had to sort out what  works  and  what doesn’t, ” said  sales veteran Jack Stewart. “Mark  Holmes helped me take a decad e  of sales experience and put it  into  perspective. He shook me from  selling on cruise control.”     Holmes’ methods challenge  experienced salespeople to  consider new ways of  approaching difficult prospects  today. “Getting me to do Sales  Call Planning was like pu lling  teeth at first. But now that I am — the results have been fantastic,”  said Brian McLain, Regional  Account Manager. “I’ve  personally landed over $1 million  in new sales in the last several  months as a result of better sales  call strategy with my prospec ts.”          “Your sales team can  increase sales by thousands to  millions a year using the  strategies Mark Holmes teaches.  We’ve repeated used the process  over the last ten years to land big  sales.”     Darren Haney, Nat’l Sales Mgr.       Companies and salespeople who  are willing to identify sales habits  that are holding them back,  discard what doesn’t work and no  longer applies to the current sales  environment, and apply what  does  work often see dramatic  sales improvement, as evidenced  by  the results of the Paul Mueller  Company. The Salesonomics  approach, which utilizes training,  online tools and personalized  coaching, can benefit any  company with ambitious sales  goals, according to Holmes.        Case  Study :  Paul Mueller  Company BioPharm Division                 “Salesonomics sm ” method leads  compa ny to land big sales worth  millions   By Christine Van Matre   Christine Van   Matre is a freelance  writer and  editor.  Van   Matre has  written hundreds of articles for the  newspaper, magazine, Internet and  corporate markets, and has edited three  books. Christinevm03@mchsi.com