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Home Sales Training Sales Coaching About Mark Holmes Book Resources Contact Privacy Policy Terms of Use Media Testimonials Case Studies With the world of lending still  struggling to recover, Great  Southern Bank wanted their  commercial loan officers to be  prepared to compete in this  increasingly difficult environment,  and geared up to take on that  challenge by ma king an  investment in a proven sales  method.  “Great Southern Bank  wanted to prepare their loan  officers for a more competitive  selling environment, and to  improve their time management  skills,” says consultant and sales  specialist Mark Holmes of his  Sales onomics training process.  “When the phones don’t ring, it’s  critical to capitalize on selling the  accounts you  must  close.”       To reach these goals, Great  Southern Bank (a leading sales  performance bank) tapped  Holmes, author of the forthcoming  book  Saleso nomics , to put his  track record to work and train the  bank’s commercial loan officers.     Holmes began by assessing the  sales team’s needs. Then he  customized the Salesonomics  process to maximize Great  Southern Bank’s results.   Accountability is built into t he  process in order to build the  bridge between learning and  producing results. One - on - one  coaching allowed for specific,  immediate application and better  sales strategies. Holmes also  created online sales tools, such as  Weekly Sales Call Plans (now  with m obile applications) so that  loan officers could plan remotely.      With the deluge of sales messages  and face time with clients and  prospects scarce, Salesonomics  training stresses leaving the client  with something of value each time  contact is made. “After  training  with Mark, I was able to improve  my daily interactions with present  clients as well as those with  prospects,” says Commercial Loan  Officer Kent Lammers. “I’ve had  success… using that knowledge  and Mark’s principles to advance  the close.”     Results   Although exact sales numbers  wouldn’t be provided, a lot of  praise came straight from the top.  “(My sales associates’) growth as  sales people and individuals is  evident… and the results are  obvious,” says Vice President of  Commercial Loans Gary Lewis.        Salesonomics is all about being  prepared to capitalize on all - too - precious calls with prospects.  Great Southern Vice President  James Brookhart is using Holmes’  process to get results. “Let me  share a highlight from a sales call  during which I used the tool s you  taught me,” Brookhart says. “This  call with a major prospect was  successful because I was ready for  his objection and I handled it by  using your comebacks. When he  resisted, I stuck to the strategy,  and walked out with what I  wanted… it was powerful  evidence that  these techniques  really work!   Thank you for  helping me understand the value  of being thoroughly prepared for  my sales calls.”      After nine months, Great Southern  Loan Officer Summer Massey  estimated her skill level  more than  doubled  in many  crucial areas.  Holmes says that’s one reason he  doesn’t rely on just a few days of  training, because it leaves  salespeople struggling with   significant adjustments without  sufficient help applying the  strategies to real accounts.      “Sales training alone wo n’t  produce significant, sustainable  results,” Holmes says, “not in the  difficult selling environment we  face today. The Salesonomics  process, when spread over three to  twelve months, ensures that  results can be achieved better and  faster. That’s what sets  this  process apart.”        Case  Study : Great  Southern Banks                 Commercial loan officers see payoff  from Salesonomics sm  process   By Christine Van Matre   Christine Van Matre is a freelance  writer and editor.  Van Matre has  written hundreds of articles for the  newspaper, magazine, Internet and  corporate markets, and has edited three  books. Christinevm03@mchsi.com