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“This is a quote. It will one day be famous and quoted by world leaders everywhere.”
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Value cannot be commoditized unless your salesforce fails to defend it. Increased use of commoditization as a negotiation tactic by customers makes the task of selling differentiation more difficult. However, while some products and services are commoditized, the "value" your customer experiences from your product or service is unique! This uniqueness is your distinguishable value-and that can never be commoditized unless it is not defended convincingly. It may be your guaranteed delivery, superior technical support or long- term benefits-but something must distinguish your offer or you have nothing to stand on but price. Landing tough sales today requires three musts: strategy, execution and attitude. There are only three reasons why salespeople cannot land tough sales. They either don't know how to do effective sales call planning and execution, or they don't want to put forth the effort. Having the right mental toughness along with knowing how to plan effective sales call strategy, are more indispensable today than ever before!
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Sales Snapshot Discovery Call:  After contacting us we will schedule your Sales Snapshot discovery call with Mark. After working with clients for over 25 years, Mark has identified the essential information he needs to understand your situation, and provide initial guidance and recommendations. Most people find that just working through these questions is insightful, and helps them identify and prioritize areas to focus on. Once you and Mark visit, if he can help you, he will explain how. But if he can't, he's likely to know other resources he can refer to you.
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