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Time Management and Organization:  focuses on identifying personal time wasters, becoming self-aware of unproductive habits, and investing time in the selling activities that pay the biggest dividends.
Using Sales Strategies to Close More Sales: You learn the secrets of successful game plans, and ways to utilize 12 successful sales strategies to win more sales opportunities. Specific, immediate application to your current sales prospects.
How to Ask The Right Questions, In The Right Way: Learn how to put Reveal, Reinforce and Raise questions to work in the right situations to gain entry, uncover critical information,  improve your sales message dramatically, and land the toughest prospects.
Listening: Learn the skills of the best listeners. Learn the listening traps you have, and work on seven highly effective listening behaviors that will catapult you ahead of your peers and win the respect of your customers.
Speaking The Customer's Language:  Want to be more convincing? More successful? This coaching program guides you on how to be more persuasive and improve your value proposition to any customer in any business, and learn how to clearly differentiate yourself and your product from all others.
The Magnitude of Attitude: Being in sales is not for the timid or the easily dismayed, it takes courage and a strong will-as well as an upbeat attitude. In this coaching program you'll come face to face with your "giants" and learn how to stop negativity or pessimism dead in the tracks, forever.
How to Land The Appointment: The focus is on landing appointments with difficult prospects, the kind of customers that dodge your calls and routinely delete your voicemails or emails. You'll work on the specific targeted accounts you select, Mark will teach you how to crack open the door and get to the decision influencers.
How to Sell Higher Price and Make It Stick: If you sell a higher-priced product or services, then this coaching program can help you overcome price objections and customer skepticism. You'll learn specific techniques that will result in greater success landing sales at higher prices, in the most competitive business sectors.


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1st Your needs and learning goals established, first coach-teaching session 2nd Second coach-teaching  3rd Complete assigned learning and practice exercise, email/phone with Mark 4th Third coach-teaching session, application to specific customers or prospects 5th Complete assigned learning and practice exercise, email/phone with Mark 6th Final coach-teaching session, problem solving, application of all learning 7th/8th Two additional coach-teaching sessions are applicable for some situations *During the coaching program you have access to Mark through email and phone as often as you need How Coaching Works After contacting us we will schedule a Sales Snapshot discovery call with Mark. After working with hundreds of salespeople over 25 plus years, Mark has identified the essential information he needs to understand your situation, and provide initial guidance and recommendations. Most clients find that just working through these questions is insightful, and helps them identify and prioritize areas to focus on. Once you and Mark visit, if he can help you, he will explain how. But if he can't, he's likely to know other resources he can refer to you. Investment The fee for each six-week program ranges from $895 and up and is easily recouped from increased business with existing customers or new prospects. The full fee is required before beginning and due to its quick-pace format a freeze may not be placed during the six weeks, no exceptions.  *If you have a group that wants to participate together let us know, we offer attractive group discounts.
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Outline of 6 or 8 Week Coaching Programs
Some clients gain more from a Mentor Coaching Program. The areas we may work on include keeping a healthy attitude, time management, selling to all decision influencers, question-based selling techniques, how to land difficult business, creating value propositions, increasing sales with existing customers, closing, listening skills, etcetera. We usually focus on four or five areas, and you are provided a detailed action plan and acceptable timeline for completed action items. You will be expected to complete assignments and activities on the dates they are assigned. Clients who are disciplined and motivated do well with this approach. You have unlimited access to Mark by email and phone as often as you need. We work on specific sales opportunities with your customers and prospects for immediate payoff. The Mentor Coaching Program uses an organized process with learning modules, straightforward feedback, real-life practice exercises and measurable results. The Mentor Coaching Program is available for $4,800 and the program pays back many multiples over the investment with increased business. The Mentor Coaching Program is progressive in nature and you may not "freeze" the program during the six months. If it is mutually convenient, you may meet with Mark in-person for coaching. Who Hires Mark For Coaching? Corporations, executives, sales managers, business owners, independent consultants and business development managers. What Are The Benefits? Increased sales, greater confidence, improved skills, permanency of results, measurable outcomes. 100% Guarantee If you are not 100% satisfied with your coaching program after week one, for any reason, you can ask for and receive a refund of your fee.
Mentor Coaching Program
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