Tetra sales force targets ten accounts, lands eight, adding millions in new sales  Tetra Technologies was doing well. But the $1 billion-per- year Houston oil and gas services company wanted to see improvement in their completion fluids division sales. … Holmes' tweaked the Salesonomics process to fit Tetra's specific needs and guided the implementation plan over the next six months, working directly with the sales force in groups and one-on-one.  
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Paul Mueller Company BioPharm Division "Salesonomics" method leads company to land big sales worth millions Holmes put his sales methodologies to work at Paul Mueller, and the company realized a staggering sales result - product sales increased from $13 million to $54 million in 2002…While it is unrealistic to directly link the entire $43 million sales increase to Salesonomics, testimonials from high-achieving salespeople do point to big results. Also, according to sales force feedback
Great Southern Banks Commercial loan officers see payoff from Salesonomics process  With the world of lending still struggling to recover, Great Southern Bank wanted their commercial loan officers to be prepared to compete in this increasingly difficult environment, and geared up to take on that challenge by making an investment in a proven sales method...
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Mental Excuses: Researchers estimate that we have around 60,000 thoughts a day. Some of these thoughts, no doubt, drum up excuses for why we haven't taken (or shouldn't take) certain actions.
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"That won't work," "No one will be there," "He won't take my call anyway," or "They're probably already satisfied with who they're using." Successful sellers overcome excuses and do whatever it takes, whenever it's required. Watch out for excuses because they're like detours, they slow you down.
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