Salesonomics is used to equip the business-to-business salesforce to: Create strong desire with prospects and get in the door faster than ever before Develop tailor-made sales messaging that differentiates your company's value Learn how to use effective sales call planning and strategy to close more sales, faster Make value matter more than price-and make higher prices stick  Execute strategy that neutralizes competitor strengths and weakens strongholds Increase closing ratios and break into accounts you've only dreamed about landing Target and win business with customers that have turned you down in the past Enjoy more success and fulfillment selling in tough sectors and industries Salesonomics and Real-Life Results Authors of sales books often seek the endorsement of other authors, speakers and editors. Salesonomics isn't endorsed by a single one. We didn't need to. Instead, we want you to hear from sales managers, executives and salespeople how using the Salesonomics methods sent results soaring - those are the endorsements you'll undoubtedly want to read. When it comes to real-life results, Salesonomics goes platinum!  You'll probably want to hear straight from those companies who have used the Salesonomics methodology to grow sales 10-20 percent or more - with closing ratios as high as 80 percent - with a "return" of 10, 50 or 100 times the dollars invested in the Salesonomics Onsite sales growth and training process. Click here to read Testimonials.
Mark’s Memo  “A good value proposition is not successfully sold with 2 minutes of questions followed by 20 minutes of sales spiel.” Mark’s Memo  “Sales call ‘strategy’ that could take sales through the roof, is missing in over 80% of business development efforts today.” Read Case Studies Arrange Salesonomics Introductory Workshop
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Sales Tips
Profit and Pricing: Think twice before you slice your price! If you have a product that sells for $100 and your gross margin is 35%, and you cut your product's price by 10%, this  reduces your gross margin to 28%. What's the impact? Now, you
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must increase sales by $25K  for every $100K in sales just to break even on profits that would have been earned before you sliced your price. It's all in the margin! Have a competitive price but sell value.
Sales Tips
Adapting Your Sales Message: A research study asked participants to watch a video and answer the question "How fast were the cars going when they smashed into each other?" Their answers averaged 41 MPH. A second group of viewers who were asked "How fast were
the cars going when they made contact" gave answers averaging 32 MPH (about 20% slower). Slight changes in wording can produce significantly different results. Adjusting your sales message to fit your prospect's situation will produce more positive impressions of your product/services-and strengthen the case for value.
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