Salesonomics is the unique sales growth process developed by Mark Holmes. Mark is a sales and marketing consultant, speaker and author who uses his Salesonomics method to help companies increase sales and improve customer loyalty. Started in 1986, Mark's company, J. Mark Marketing, Inc., went from a bedroom office to six-figure revenues within two years. Now known as  Consultant Board, Inc., Mark's notoriety for advising some of America's most successful companies catapulted. His ideas have been featured in national media like The Wall Street Journal, Sales and Marketing Management, The Chicago Tribune and FOX Business Network. Salesonomics Not Theory Says Holmes, But Proven Methodology The Salesonomics method is not merely theory. It began as part of Mark's own sales career when he went to work for Dow Chemical Company in 1981, right after graduating from The University of Texas with a bachelors degree in marketing. It was at Dow that he discovered his special talent at cracking open tough prospects and closing big sales. In just three months Mark landed over $4 million in new sales at higher prices. This caught the attention of some former Dow managers who had started an energy related company in Houston, TETRA Technologies. Salesonomics Tested In Tough Business Sectors Hired away from Dow Chemical by TETRA Technologies, Mark quickly earned a reputation as a big numbers hitter. In his first six months, he was assigned 500 never-sold accounts, handed to him strictly for training purposes. Remarkably, Mark closed millions of dollars in new sales and became the number two salesman in the company. Mark eventually became the company's #1 producer and was offered the National Sales Manager position, but accepted the Vice President of Marketing and Training position for the international business advocacy group Students In Free Enterprise, bringing him back to his roots in the beautiful Missouri Ozarks. At SIFE, Mark adapted his successful sales methods to fundraising, producing a 100% increase in funds raised among Fortune 500 companies within two years. Today, the Salesonomics process is used by B2B salesforces in very successful companies to grow sales 10 to 20 percent or more. Salesonomics works in virtually any industry and in any economy. Mark's third book, Salesonomics, will be published in the fall, 2010. An Avid Entrepreneur, A Passionate Thought-Leader Mark puts his sales methods to work in his own business ventures. In 1996 he mortgaged his home and bought a failing AM radio station. He tripled sales within the first six months, again using his sales method to penetrate and close highly competitive accounts. He also put Salesonomics to work getting in the door and closing business with top international companies for Consultant Board. (Mark has closed 92% of all client proposals for the past ten years - all using the process he now teaches his clients.) Anyone who works with Mark immediately sees his passion for helping and advising businesses on how to grow sales and increase customer loyalty. Mark is known for his enthusiasm, wit and highly effective ideas that get professionals thinking and taking action. He has addressed small and large companies and audiences all over America-giving keynotes from Palm Springs to Orlando, from Las Vegas to Myrtle Beach-his ideas are in demand. Mark lives in the greater Ozarks region of southwest Missouri with his wife Jeanna. They have grown children, one grandchild and a favorite Yorkie named Kramer.   Click here to schedule a call or to email Mark
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"Out of 10 targeted accounts, we closed on 8 in the first year and added over $11 million in sales with this process." ~ Steve Hardwick, Global Vice President of Business Development, TETRA Technologies "We immediately used the principles you taught on an impossible sale... and came back with a $70,000 order!" ~ Dave Hinrichs, President, Commercial Insurance Underwriters Commercial Insurance Underwriters "Your sales team can increase sales by thousands to millions a year using the strategies Mark Holmes teaches. We've repeatedly used the process over the last 10 years to help us land big sales." ~ Darren Haney, National Sales Manager, BioPharm Division, Paul Mueller Company
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Our Listening: According to Dr. Manny Steil 95% of people believe that the primary responsibility for communication is the speaker's not the listener's.
This presumption is tragic in sales. It disengages comprehension and active listening, which can lead to missing subtle messages that can cost us a sale!
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